Eliza Bennett & Liz Elton

Curated by Julie Bentley

Yield; to produce or provide. To gain or give way. To relinquish possession. To concede.

Eliza Bennett is fascinated by the intricate web of relations taking place in subject formation. Her work coalesces within the frame of archiving, miscommunication and poetics. Landscape and how to continue are central to Liz Elton’s practice. She thinks about our use and waste of materials, our impact on the landscape, time and scale, working in between painting and more sculptural concerns. Through site-specific installation, Bennett and Elton address ideas concerned with materiality, agency and formation. 

Hill, 2019 by Liz Elton

Light Streams & Drawn Together, 2019, by Eliza Bennett.


Eliza Bennett

Liz Elton